Suzanne Silver

Executive & Leadership Coach, Suzanne Silver Limited

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Suzanne Silver


Suzanne is passionate about supporting individuals at all levels to maximize their performance so that they can achieve greater success in the workplace, and in life. She believes that all people have some hidden potential that with the right coaching can develop and flourish to help achieve greater success and fulfilment.

Suzanne has over 30 years’ experience working in the UK and Asia specializing in people development and behavioral change. Having worked across numerous industries, a major focus for Suzanne has been on coaching leaders through career transitions, working with people progressing to more senior positions. She collaborates with clients to help them navigate the challenges they encounter as they take on new roles and responsibilities. This is done through cultivating a deeper self-awareness of strengths and resourcefulness in the face of change. The key aim is to aid clients in further developing self-confidence, resilience and improved leadership skills.