Elizabeth Wong

Programme Director in Higher Education and Executive Coach, Independent

Leadership, Women Empowerment
Coaching, Coaching
Elizabeth Wong


Elizabeth possesses over two decades of expertise in marketing and commercialization within the medical device industry. She currently works in business research and lecturing in higher education institutions. She channels a wealth of knowledge into the higher education sector, particularly in innovation, strategy, and business development. Certified as an executive coach and a staunch advocate for women's leadership, Elizabeth holds credentials from the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches, the International Coaching Federation, and Gallup. Employing a strengths-based coaching approach, she empowers individuals and teams to realize their personal and professional aspirations. Passionate about cultivating collaborative and diverse learning environments, Elizabeth aims to inspire and influence the next generation of leaders in the Asia-Pacific region. Her dedication lies in fostering dialogue, collaboration, and a culture of learning, shaping a brighter future for upcoming leaders.