Mark Millar

Keynote Speaker, Supply Chain Leader, Thought Leadership Champion, Trusted Advisor, Professional Moderator, Visiting Lecturer, Commissioned Author, Global Supply Chain Ecosytems

Supply Chain & Logistics, Public Speaking
Corporate Consulting, Corporate Consulting
Mark Millar


Mark Millar is a highly esteemed consultant renowned for his insightful perspectives that steer clients towards informed business decisions. With over 35 years of experience in supply chain and logistics, he's a recognized authority. Mark's expertise shines as a Speaker, Moderator, MC, and Conference Chairman at over 500 corporate events globally, captivating audiences with his energetic presentations. He extends his influence to academia, serving as a Visiting Lecturer at esteemed institutions like Hong Kong Polytechnic University. His book, "Global Supply Chain Ecosystems," is acclaimed for its insights into navigating complex business landscapes. Clients seek his strategic guidance in today's interconnected world, drawn to his wealth of experience and insightful perspectives.

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